Research: Large-scale Deep Learning

In recent years, deep learning models such as CNN and DBN have emerged as a new and powerful paradigm for pattern recognition and classification. We are doing research on a scale-out deep learning system exploiting the computing power of GPUs. We are also interested in developing a deep interpretation model of multi-channel signals, especially invasive brain signal such ECoG. Currently, we focus on interpretation of real-time 32-channel signals through medical experiments using mouse as animal model.

Large-scale Deep Learning 

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Development of Intelligent Interaction Technology Based on Context Awareness and Human Intention Understanding

IITP AI Flagship, Ministry of Science, Korea
Dec. 2016 ~ Aug. 2021

BigLearning: A Large-scale Optimization System of Deep Neural Network Models (PI)

Samsung Research Funding Center, Samsung Electronics, Korea
Dec. 2015 ~ Nov. 2018

Rehabilitation and replacement technology for brain damage employing electrical method

DGIST, Ministry of Science, Korea
Jan. 2012 ~ Dec. 2016

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