Research: Large-scale Genomics & Proteomics

R&D of the modern biotechnology heavily relies on large-scale bio data processing. We especially focus on genomics for DNA data and proteomics for protein data. For genomics, we are developing a MapReduce-based method for designing a set of short sequences called primers that can amplify target DNA sequences in PCR experiments. In addition, we are developing a new large-scale method that can detect deseases such as cancer using WGS or WES data generated by NGS technology. For proteomics, we focus on developing a new approach for accurate and fast analysis of tandem mass spectra data with considering protein modifications.

Large-scale Genomics & Proteomics 

Related Projects

A primer-based diagnostic S/W system for detecting disease genes (PI)

DGIST-GIST, Ministry of Science, Korea
March 2015 ~ Dec. 2015

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Olfactory Marker Protein Expression Is an Indicator of Olfactory Receptor-Associated Events in Non-Olfactory Tissues

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