Research: Large-scale Genomics & Proteomics

R&D of the modern biotechnology heavily relies on large-scale bio data processing. We especially focus on genomics for DNA data and proteomics for protein data. For genomics, we are developing a MapReduce-based method for designing a set of short sequences called primers that can amplify target DNA sequences in PCR experiments. In addition, we are developing a new large-scale method that can detect deseases such as cancer using WGS or WES data generated by NGS technology. For proteomics, we focus on developing a new approach for accurate and fast analysis of tandem mass spectra data with considering protein modifications.

Large-scale Genomics & Proteomics 

Related Projects

Big data and machine learning software for designing short oligonucleotide (PI)

National Research Foundation of Korea(NRF), Ministry of Education, Korea
June 2017 ~ May 2020

A primer-based diagnostic S/W system for detecting disease genes (PI)

DGIST-GIST, Ministry of Science, Korea
March 2015 ~ Dec. 2015

Related Papers

MRPrimerV: A database of PCR primers for RNA virus detection

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MRPrimerW: A tool for rapid design of valid high-quality primers for multiple target qPCR experiments

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MRPrimer: a MapReduce-based method for the thorough design of valid and ranked primers for PCR

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Olfactory Receptor Olfr544 responding to Azelaic Acid Regulates Glucagon Secretion in <alpha>-cells of Mouse Pancreatic Islets

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Olfactory Marker Protein Expression Is an Indicator of Olfactory Receptor-Associated Events in Non-Olfactory Tissues

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Method for rapid design of valid high-quality primers and probes for multiple target genes in qPCR experiments

Kim, M.-S., Kim, H., Koo, J., Kang, N., An, K.
Korean Patent, Appl. No. 10-2016-0080872, June 28, 2016.

Method for thoroughly designing valid and ranked primers for genome-scale dna sequence database

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U.K. Patent Appl. No. UK 1514871.1, Aug. 20, 2015. Korean Patent Appl. No. 10-2015-0052999, Apr. 15, 2015, Reg. No. 10-1666506, Sept. 29, 2016.

Press Reports

메르스, 지카 조기 진단 데이터베이스 개발-1818종 RNA 바이러스 신속 진단

전자신문, YTN 사이언스, 대구 MBC 등 36개사 언론보도, Dec 13, 2016.

유전자 진단계의 ‘구글’을 꿈꾸다

인터뷰, 김민수 DGIST 정보통신융합공학전공 교수
과학동아, Oct 6, 2016.

초정밀·초고속 올리고뉴클레오티드 설계 기술 개발

전자신문, KBS(대구) 등 27개사 언론보도, May 23, 2016.

메르스 진단률 높이는 빅데이터기반 초고성능 유전자 진단 기술 개발

연합뉴스, 전자신문 등 25개사 언론보도, June 29, 2015.